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Helping you earn customer trust

It has never been more important to protect your customers’ credit card data. The media reaction against companies which have failed to do so has been brutal, and customers who lose trust in a brand will simply vote with their feet and shop elsewhere. Our own research recently revealed that 86% of people would not do business with an organisation that had suffered a security breach involving credit or debit cards.

The Secured by Semafone® Trustmark will help you to promote the security of your telephone payment service and communicate to your customers that you take the protection of their sensitive card data seriously.

What is a Trustmark

The Secured by Semafone Trustmark was developed so that our clients can provide a visual – or audio – assurance to customers that their security is paramount. We have developed a logo that can be used in customer communications, along with two simple audio files that you can integrate into your on-hold messaging system.

The Trustmark logo is available in colour or black and white in a number of formats including AI, EPS, JPEG and PDF.


The Trustmark Logo can be used in any communication with a customer that relates to an order placed over the phone, e.g. payment confirmation, and demonstrates that their payment is protected by an extra layer of security:


The audio Trustmark files are available in pre-recorded formats or if you prefer we can provide a scripted message for you to record your own. The audio communication is designed to deliver the message of enhanced security to your customer during the call itself, when they are likely to be particularly receptive.

The first message provides an immediate confirmation that not only has the payment completed successfully, but that it has also completed securely.

The second is to be played while your customers are on hold.

On Hold Message

“When you pay with us over the phone, your payment will be ‘Secured by Semafone.’ This means that we have added an extra layer of security to give you complete peace of mind. None of our agents can see or hear your card numbers and we will never ask you to read them out loud.”

Payment Completion Message

“Your payment was Secured by Semafone. Remember, we will never ask you to say your card numbers out loud.”


Including a brief explanation of Secured by Semafone on your website also provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate to customers how seriously you take the security of their data. In your privacy policy or data protection pages you can include the following paragraph:

Telephone Payments – Secured by Semafone

When you see the “Secured by Semafone” Trustmark you know that you can pay for something over the phone with complete peace of mind. We have added an extra level of security to protect your personal data and you can rest assured that we will never ask you to say your card numbers out loud. For more information, click here.

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