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There is currently no impact on our business, and we have robust contingency plans in place to ensure the safety of our employees and continuity of our operations for all our customers should the virus spread at an increased rate. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

We have issued country specific guidance on travel to all employees and are monitoring threat levels and reissuing guidance accordingly. Our employees are fully equipped to work from home in all of our geographical locations and we will be keeping home working as the norm until risk levels have significantly declined.



Semafone SecureWeb+ acts as an extension of the Cardprotect Voice+ solution, giving agents restricted access to a locked down browser. The browser is configured to permit customer’s payment card details to be injected from Cardprotect Voice+, via DTMF, onto pre-determined and merchant specified website payment pages. Any sensitive card data entered via the web page cannot be copied, is not visible in the browser code and screenshots cannot be taken.

SecureWeb+ Diagram

Extend Your Payment Capabilities on Behalf of Others

Semafone’s SecureWeb+ solution delivers seamless and timely third-party integrations; enabling agents to take payment on third party websites without compromising Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance.

By shielding sensitive card information during telephone payment transactions, Semafone SecureWeb+ prevents card data from being logged in call and screen recordings so your company reputation and customers are protected.

Ideal for organizations looking to initiate both short term commercial engagements, or longer term strategic relationships, Semafone’s solution cuts through the complexity and gets business-critical integrations up and running from Day One – with zero effort and minimal cost.


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With Semafone’s SecureWeb+ solution you can:

  • Secure payments on third-party merchant websites and CRMs as a PCI DSS Service Provider
  • Initiate short term engagements while integrating into third-parties with zero development overhead
  • Gain cost-effective access to Semafone’s PCI DSS compliance and data security solutions for your contact center
  • Protect clients, third-party merchants and consumers – by preventing sensitive data appearing on call and screen recordings
  • Look and operate like an extension of your clients – with a single integration process
  • Improve the agent and customer experience – providing peace of mind throughout the entire transaction