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Make Secure, PCI DSS Compliant Payments Accessible to All

With Semafone Speech Recognition you can ensure all your customers benefit from the same level of data protection and secure payment processes when transacting with your contact center whilst maintaining you high level of PCI DSS compliance.

Customers who feel more comfortable speaking their card details or cannot use their telephone keypad to enter payment data are no longer disadvantaged – or diverted away from the agent they’re currently speaking with. Semafone Speech Recognition delivers a frictionless conversation between caller and agent that streamlines the payment process, achieves PCI DSS compliance requirements, and meets accessibility requirement mandates.

Live Voice Capture from Semafone

Ensure PCI DSS Compliant Voice Payments for Every Customer, Every Time

The Semafone Speech Recognition solution allows your contact center to offer a secure, PCI DSS compliant voice capture payment option for customers who prefer to speak their card details out loud or are unable to use a telephone keypad to enter their payment details.

Now you can seamlessly extend your Cardprotect Voice+ environment to capture, convert and verify a caller’s payment information so they can give their details without having to use a keypad. You can descope your entire call or contact center for PCI DSS compliance, and there’s no need to transfer calls to a clean room environment or turn away callers unwilling or unable to use a DTMF masking payment system. This reduces average call handling times and post call workloads for agents.

Your customer’s needs are simply met in a frictionless and convenient way, building a greater sense of trust and satisfaction.

Cardprotect PCI DSS

Speech Recognition in Action

The moment a customer indicates they’d like to make a voice-only payment, the contact center agent can place the call into secure automated speech recognition mode.

This connects the caller to an interactive voice response (IVR) system that prompts them to speak their card details. Semafone’s powerful PCI DSS compliant speech recognition technology then captures, transposes and instantly transmits these card numbers to the Cardprotect Voice+ platform. A caller’s preference to pay by speaking their card number can be saved in a CRM system for the next time they call, allowing the agent to offer the option preemptively, resulting in an frictionless call experience.

As with all Semafone products, agents can monitor customer progress without having access to sensitive card data and are fully informed at each step of the payment transaction/card capture process.

Inclusivity Without Compromise

Semafone’s Speech Recognition extends the secure payment/DTMF masking capabilities of Cardprotect Voice+ to callers who are unwilling or unable to enter their card details using the telephone keypad.

Semafone’s powerful speech recognition technologies ensure every customer can speak their payment details with confidence:

  • US and UK English spoken voice interface options
  • Flawless handling of accent variations
  • Background noise suppression


Semafone Speech Recognition
takes PCI DSS compliance to the next level during customer conversations:

Simplify the handling of DTMF masking exceptions in a PCI DSS compliant way, while ensuring systems monitoring agent performance are unaffected.

Ensure that customers who want to use a voice-only payment method can be accommodated and their card data protected.

Provide a simple and consistent agent and customer payment experience, irrespective of the payment capture method used.