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Omnichannel Payments – A Secure Click Away

Whether your employees are remote or in the office, Cardprotect Relay+ enables your business to take payments anywhere and across any digital customer engagement channel, without the need to invest in costly hardware or enter into closed payment ecosystems. Featuring powerful and flexible configuration tools for every channel you choose to transact in, Semafone’s Cardprotect Relay+ platform cuts through payment complexities; making it easy to engage with customers and seamlessly monitor, track, manage or support all your transactions.

Customers simply follow the secure link you provide and enter their payment details, using whichever payment method they choose; and nobody else sees their sensitive personal payment details. Throughout the payment process you’ll receive a relay of updates via live activity monitoring. Now you can engage instantly with customers in any digital channel or empower partner organizations to create and send customers a payment link within seconds.


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Email and SMS

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You Stay in Control

Easy-to-use modules give you full control and relay feedback on every aspect of your payment environment:

  • Empower remote workers to take secure, PCI DSS compliant payments from wherever they’re based
  • Use your existing or preferred communication method – Cardprotect Relay+ is channel agnostic; no need to divert customers to alternative channels for payment
  • Accelerates digital transformation; delivering frictionless customer experience and increased conversion rates
  • Updates ensure you’re able to track the complete live journey of each link, where other solutions only provide insight on the payment itself
  • Cardprotect Relay+ allows you to precisely configure differing payment flows across payment channels you initiate
  • Determine everything, from geographical range, to how long a link stays viable, and how many attempts or retries a customer has to complete their payment
  • Providing multi-card and scheme support, you also have the ability to prevent unwanted card types, or dynamic surcharging by scheme
  • Ideal for organizations with multiple PSPs, integrations and tokenization services

Empowering Remote Workers to Take Secure Payments

Ensuring your remote workforce has the appropriate tools at their disposal is just part of the challenge. With workers operating in environments that are difficult to monitor and secure, you need to be certain that your customers’ sensitive payment data is safe and protected, and that your organization remains PCI DSS compliant, irrespective of where your teams are based.

With no long-term contracts or set up fees, Semafone’s Cardprotect Relay+ is designed with ultimate flexibility in mind. Turn it on, turn it off as your business requires – taking advantage of a commercially flexible billing structure that’s totally transparent.

Learn more about how to enable your remote workers to process secure, PCI DSS compliant payments by downloading our solution brief now.


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Easy SaaS Deployment & Web-Based UI

With no costly hardware to maintain, Cardprotect Relay+ is an API driven SaaS platform that makes integration quick and easy. Its feature rich and highly flexible infrastructure means you’re free to choose how many links you generate to meet business demands, and when and where you serve these links.

Requiring no set up whatsoever, our fully configurable web-based user interface (UI) is a standalone solution that’s ideal for businesses that need to initiate a flexible, yet compliant payment solution – fast. Featuring a range of pre-configured PSP integrations, with a white label SMS and email solution or you can integrate into your own messaging platforms. It’s an elegant approach for initiating remote payment scenarios at pace – especially when IT resources are stretched to the max.


Secure and Scalable

Eliminating the need for your organization to store, process or transmit cardholder data, Semafone’s Cardprotect Relay+ removes the regulatory burden of PCI DSS compliance while enabling you to offer your customers a truly omnichannel payment experience. As a Level one certified service provider, Semafone’s Cardprotect Relay+ platform takes any digital payment channel out of scope for PCI DSS. Additionally, Semafone has achieved the ISO27001 certification and has also been approved by Visa Europe as a Level 1 Visa merchant agent, providing further confirmation of our high levels of data security.