In addition to on-premise deployments, Semafone offers a full suite of cloud deployment options for our Cardprotect Voice+ solution, offering customers frictionless deployment, a full set of features, and unparalleled flexibility.


A pure cloud solution for organizations that want to keep sensitive payment card data out of their contact center environments completely.

Hybrid Cloud

A mixed environment solution for enterprises wanting the benefits of a cloud deployment while maintaining control over their on-premise telephony systems.

Hybrid Cloud with Rushmore

A pre-configured, managed appliance streamlining procurement and enabling a fast path to deployment for Hybrid Cloud, while allowing businesses to maintain on-premise telephony and infrastructure.

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Our pure cloud model enables the fastest and easiest path to deployment, without requiring capital expenditure to purchase and manage hardware.

This option relieves customers of the burden of having to patch and update software, monitor uptime, and manage any hardware failures. At the same time, it allows customers to greatly reduce their PCI DSS reporting requirements from several hundred, down to six.

Cardprotect Cloud Deployment

Cardprotect Hybrid Cloud Deployment Diagram


Hybrid Cloud

This solution provides customers reassurance on telephony SLA terms and allows them to retain the existing control over their telephony, while keeping voice data in the contact center.

Hybrid Cloud with Rushmore

This “plug and play” appliance option is supplied, fully installed and managed by Semafone, enabling organizations to significantly and immediately reduce expenses associated with dedicating time, staff or resources.

Benefits of Cloud Deployments

  • Greatly reduces PCI DSS reporting requirements
  • Relieves the burden of having hardware to manage
  • Allows centralized PCI DSS patching and upgrades
  • Enables a flexible capacity model
  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Provides a geo-redundant, high-availability solution
  • Carrier agnostic – keep your current telephony carrier or service provider
  • Increases the resiliency of your telephony infrastructure