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Semafone Kicks off 2017 with a PCI Award for Excellence

Semafone’s patented payment method has been recognised as an industry-leading solution at the inaugural PCI Awards for Excellence, run by AKJ Associates. The award was given to Semafone for its “outstanding PCI DSS projects” delivered to insurance giant AXA and global telecommunications company Sky.

Working with AXA, Semafone’s solution was rolled out across 11 of the parent group’s brands, encompassing household names including Marks & Spencer, Lloyds, Bank of Scotland and British Gas. Not only has AXA become PCI DSS compliant, it has also seen a rise in customer and agent satisfaction, as well as reducing average handling time (AHT) for calls.

Semafone’s win was also for its implementation of its patented payment method for Sky, who the company have been working with since 2011. Sky has 10.6 million customers across the UK and Ireland subscribing to services such as TV, telephony and broadband. The project saw Sky replace its Pause and Resume solution, which was critical for the company to become PCI DSS compliant.

CEO Tim Critchley said “When the company was founded back in 2009, most businesses were unaware of the need for stringent data security within their contact centres. So, after many years of hard work from the Semafone team, it is gratifying to see that DTMF masking technology is now the accepted standard for securing phone payments in the UK. We’re delighted to be recognised for our work in helping customers descope their contact centre environment and become PCI DSS compliant.”

About Semafone

Semafone provides software to contact centers so they can take personal data securely over the telephone. Semafone’s patented data capture method collects sensitive information such as payment card or bank details and social security numbers directly from the customer’s telephone keypad for processing. This prevents personal data from entering the contact center, which protects against the risk of fraud and the associated reputational damage, ensuring compliance with industry regulations such as PCI DSS.

Semafone has achieved the four leading security and payment accreditations: ISO 27001:2013, PA DSS certification for its payment solution, PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider and is a Visa Level 1 Merchant Agent.

The company was founded in 2009 and serves a wide range of industry sectors including financial services, media, retail, utilities, travel and tourism and the public sector. Customers include Sky, TalkTalk, AXA and Virgin Group. North American customers include Rogers Communications, Consolidated Communications, Aviva Canada, Aimia Mutual Insurance and TVG. Major investors are Octopus Investments and BGF (Business Growth Fund).

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