Simple Safeguards

If you have to make a telephone payment with a company that isn’t offering payments Secured by Semafone, we recommend following a few simple safeguards:

  • Shop with retailers you know or research them first to ensure they are reputable and reliable
  • Don’t speak your card details in a place where they may be overheard e.g. on public transport, in a restaurant, or even in an office…
  • Keep a record of your telephone payments, including the retailer’s website address. Many contact  centres send customers emails summarising the purchase details – make sure you save or print these
  • Check the retailer’s website to see how they handle and process your card payments.  If you aren’t reassured by what you read, contact them to ask!
  • Ask for your agent’s name and make a note of it in case you have queries later on
  • Check your credit card and bank statements regularly