Card fraud is still on the increase.  According to the UK Card Association, the amount stolen during telephone, internet and mail order payments reached £245.8m in 2012, an increase of 11% on the previous year.

At Semafone, we know that one of the weakest links in payment security is still the human voice.  Our aim is that nobody should ever be asked to speak their card details out loud.

Until we reach that target, there are precautions you can take to keep your card safe.  Unless you know that the organisation you are paying is Secured by Semafone, bear in mind the following five tips when you pay for something over the telephone:

  • If you are asked to read your card numbers aloud, think about who might be listening. If you aren’t sure, go somewhere you can’t be overheard.
  • The person on the other end of the phone is a stranger.  Make sure you know their name before you tell them all your credit card information.
  • If you are paying someone who telephoned you, check the number and call them back.
  • Before you read out your card numbers, ask the customer service agent how these will be protected.
  • Is the organisation is fully compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations? Ask the question or check on the website!