How Does It Protect Me?

Even when a call is being recorded, your card numbers are completely safe. The service agent cannot hear or see your card numbers and call recordings do not capture either the long number on the front of the card or the three figure security code. The agent’s computer screen only shows asterisks and the last four digits of your card number.

Card numbers aren’t recorded or processed on the contact centre systems anywhere either – the Semafone payment method communicates the information directly from your telephone keypad to your bank via a payment service provider.

Secured by Semafone is designed to stop fraudulent card transactions and make telephone shopping even more secure.

Below you can find out more about this initiative and how it affects you when you use your credit or debit card over the telephone.

Secured by Semafone gives you:

  • Safer shopping over the phone – protecting you against credit card theft & unauthorised use
  • Peace of mind – you can have confidence that the company you’re buying from has made your security a priority
  • It’s simple to pay when your telephone payments are Secured by Semafone
  • You can still pay by phone as normal with companies who don’t yet offer the Secured by Semafone payment method but you won’t benefit from the additional level of security as you’ll have to say your card numbers out loud, so be careful who’s listening!
  • Our online demos show you how simple it is to make a secure payment over the phone – watch the demos below.

Using Semafone to take secure credit card payments

Using Semafone for bank account verification and customer identification