Intellectual Property & Licensing

Intellectual Property & Licensing

Intellectual Property

Your customers need to know that their card details will be safe with you. For online payments, we all look for the familiar symbols, such as Visa or MasterCard logos, to feel reassured that our information is in good hands.

For telephone payments, the Secured by Semafone® Trustmark offers the same levels of confidence. When your customers see it on your website or hear an audio version before they pay by telephone, they will know that you have a secure payment method they can trust.
Semafone is patented internationally so any authentic provider of DTMF masking solutions for telephone payments will be licensed as a Secured by Semafone provider.

As the first company in the world to deploy DTMF masking to secure the contact centre environment and reduce the scope of PCI DSS for the merchant, Semafone holds granted patents in the UK and the US with similar pending applications in the EU, India and South Africa.


To protect our intellectual property and to support the adoption of DTMF-masking solutions across the industry, the Secured by Semafone® Trustmark is available for use by our clients, our channel partners and the licensees of our patents. Currently, other than Semafone’s contracted channel partners and customers, only the following companies have been granted a license to use the Semafone patents:

• Aeriandi
• Eckoh plc
• Ultra Communications

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