New Offering Provides the Value of Insight With Access To Meaningful, Real-Time Data, Showing Payment Transactions As They Occur Across the Contact Center

Boston, MA and Guildford, UK – November 6, 2019Semafone®, the leading provider of data security and multi-channel compliance solutions for call and contact centers, today announced Intelligence+, a brand-new, real-time data analytics offering, integrated into its award-winning and patented telephone payments solution – Cardprotect Voice+.

Intelligence+ ensures that Cardprotect Voice+ customers have access to meaningful real-time data from calls and payment transactions as they occur across the contact center. With advanced analytical capabilities beyond those of standard business intelligence tools, Intelligence+ can provide customers with valuable and deeper insights into their payments platform performance. Customers can elect to receive all their raw data from the Cardprotect Voice+ platform to define and run data reports over specific durations, from 24 hours, to 90 days and beyond, or any time period in between. This functionality enables customers to add the data to their own database management system (DBMS) and completely customize reports, with full flexibility to change the appearance and reporting periods.

“Today, data is the fuel that organizations need to be successful, and that is particularly true for the contact center,” said Gary E. Barnett, Chief Executive Officer, Semafone. “With Intelligence+, customers can see their contact center call activity on our Cardprotect Voice+ platform, and quickly turn that data into meaningful, actionable insights that improve call center performance, all while ensuring secure, compliant and seamless payment transactions.”

Intelligence+ is compliant with industry regulations such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), HITRUST standards, and the upcoming California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Strict compliance with these industry regulations and standards ensures better protection of consumers’ personally identifiable information (PII), significantly reducing an organization’s risk of a brand-damaging data breach, while providing a frictionless agent and customer experience.

With Intelligence+, customers gain the following key benefits:

  • The ability to query data, develop and generate a standard set of reports to help inform contact center management on business strategy and where to maximize resources.
  • Better call management insights – including the ability to view the percentage of successful payment transaction calls at particular times of the day, empowering sales and marketing campaign managers with accurate information on the optimal times for running marketing and/or debt collection campaigns with a payment call-to-action.
  • The ability to import raw data into the customer’s business analytics system of choice, for integrated reporting with any existing data.
  • Fully customizable appearance of dashboards to fit a customer’s brand specifications.
  • Insights into average handling times (AHTs) to improve call duration and efficiency.
  • Insights into first call resolution to aid in reducing call transfers.

With actionable, real-time data, Intelligence+ can enable contact center managers, as well as sales and marketing campaign managers, to improve business success, provide a better working environment for agents, reduce agent turnover and increase customer satisfaction with a positive brand experience.

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Semafone Introduces Intelligence+ to Empower Contact Centers with Actionable Payment Transaction Analytics

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