UK technology company awarded second patent for protection of card payments in call centers

Surrey, UK 10 September 2014 – – Semafone® has been awarded a United States patent (#8750471) for its secure card payment technology.

Semafone already holds a U.K. patent (GB2473376) for its use of DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency) signaling to capture card numbers during payments made over the telephone. The U.S. patent will allow the company to protect its intellectual property in North America, where it has already signed up a number of customers and partners and has over 10,000 Semafone enabled contact center seats taking payments.

Semafone provides a solution for merchants wishing to comply fully with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) without interrupting the conversation between the customer and the service agent. Semafone allows customers to use their telephone keypad to enter credit or debit card details; the patented technology masks the sound of the individual keys so that they cannot be identified and sends the details directly to the bank for processing. This leaves service agents free to remain on the call to provide assistance with any problems, and also means that recording systems can continue uninterrupted.

“The U.S. is becoming an increasingly important region for us,” commented Tim Critchley, CEO of Semafone. “This year we have not only signed up new customers in the US but we have also established new business partnerships. This patent now provides protection in the US for the investment that we have made in our technology.”

Semafone Awarded U.S. Patent

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