Customer experience consultancy firm will bring Semafone’s contact center security solutions and PCI DSS compliance expertise to North American clientele

BOSTON and GUILDFORD, U.K., Sept. 5, 2018 – Semafone, the leading provider of data security and compliance solutions for contact centers, today announces a new partnership with Avtex, a customer experience (CX)-focused consulting and technology provider for the healthcare, financial services and public sectors. Through this new partnership, Avtex will provide Semafone’s flagship Cardprotect software in North America and leverage Semafone’s consulting services to help their customers with enterprise contact centers simplify compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Working in highly regulated industries, Avtex clients must manage compliance with a multitude of complicated laws and standards – from PCI DSS to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) – all while ensuring their customers’ personal data is safe. Semafone’s Cardprotect will help mitigate these challenges by descoping customers’ contact centers from PCI DSS compliance through its patented payment method using dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) masking technology.

As callers enter their payment card data or other numerical personally identifiable information (PII) into their phone’s keypad, Cardprotect masks the DTMF tones with flat tones, shielding the data from customer service representatives (CSRs), agents, eavesdroppers and call recording systems, which can be breached. The data is encrypted and sent directly to the payment processor or other designated third parties, bypassing the contact center environment completely. Throughout the process, CSRs remain in full voice communication with the caller to address any issues that arise and handle wrap-up tasks. The result is fast and cost-effective PCI DSS compliance and stronger data security, as well as an improved customer journey – supporting Avtex’s mission to fuel exceptional customer experiences.

Michael Shrall, VP of Industry Alliances, Avtex, said, “At Avtex, our clients look to us to not only improve their customer experiences, but also to help with their compliance and security challenges around PCI DSS and other regulations. Given the complexities and implications of PCI DSS, we are fortunate to have Semafone aboard as a trusted partner who can guide our customers down the path to full compliance and stronger data security.”

Tim Critchley, Semafone CEO, commented, “As we continue to expand globally, Avtex will be instrumental in bringing our data security and compliance solutions to the North American market. Our ability to address complex compliance issues in today’s ever-evolving regulatory landscape will allow Avtex to focus on helping clients create positive customer experiences across channels. Most importantly, Avtex’s clients will keep sensitive payment card data out of their contact centers, thereby reducing the risks associated with brand-damaging data breaches. Avtex are a welcome addition to our channel partner team.”

Semafone Adds Avtex to Channel Partner Portfolio

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