So How Does It Work?

How It Works

There are four steps in the process for taking a payment over the phone using Semafone:


Step 1:  The customer calls the contact centre and the conversation continues as normal.

Step 2:  The customer chooses to make a card payment.

Step 3:  SecureMode is initiated to mask the DTMF tones as the customer taps in the card details.  These include:

  • Card number (PAN)
  • Card security code (CVC2, CVV2)

In SecureMode, the tones of all numbers from 0-9 are all converted to “#” or all “0” so they cannot be recognised audibly.  The customer and the agent can continue to converse throughout this process and keying errors can easily be rectified. Other customer information is entered by the agent.

Step 4:  The caller’s card details are transmitted to the payment provider.

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