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How to Take your Contact Centre Out of Scope for PCI DSS

Technology and services for the de-scoping of high street and online retailers are already well established, with chip and PIN machines and payment pages hosted by the merchant’s Payment Service Provider (PSP). The contact centre however has its own distinct issues which we explore in more detail in this white paper.

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Contact Centres - a new opportunity for card fraudsters?

Fraud and compliance challenges for contact centre payments and the new technologies helping firms beat crime and stay legal.

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Protecting Telephone-based Payment Card Data.

This white paper from the PCI Payment Security Council offers payment security advice for merchants who accept and/or process payment card data over the telephone. It highlights the key areas that organisations with call-centre operations need to address in order to process payment cards securely, and how best to protect their business and their customers from the risks of data compromise and fraud.

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