New solution extends payment capabilities for service providers, securing payments on third-party merchant websites and CRMs without compromising PCI DSS compliance

GUILDFORD, UK – 15th July 2021 –  Semafone®, the leading provider of data security and compliance solutions for call and contact centres, today announced the launch of Semafone SecureWeb+™ which enables outsourced contact centres, in-house customer support, and merchants to make payments on behalf of others via third-party websites. With the addition of Semafone SecureWeb+ customer service professionals are able to take secure, simplified Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant transactions across different web applications.

Using Semafone SecureWeb+, outsourced service providers (OSPs) and business process outsourcers (BPOs) will be able to complete payment interactions seamlessly and securely. For businesses that support one-to-one customer engagement and sales opportunities, Semafone SecureWeb+ provides agents with the ability to act as an extension of their clients with a single, secure step enabling them to utilise different web applications to upsell and cross sell – adding more value to every transaction. Whether it’s a travel agent helping a customer add on hotel bookings or car hire to a booking or insurance companies updating policies to include warranties or specialist cover, agents can easily support additional transactions from multiple sites with Semafone SecureWeb+.

“Today, customers expect a modern, frictionless experience and don’t want to be passed around from agent to agent across different channels,” said Gary E. Barnett, Chief Executive Officer, Semafone. “With the integration of Semafone SecureWeb+, OSP and BPO contact centre agents will regain control over the payment applications being used and eliminate the challenges of toggling between tools and calls to complete payments for customers. Semafone SecureWeb+ empowers third-party merchants to seamlessly and confidently make PCI DSS compliant payments on behalf of their customers.”

Semafone’s SecureWeb+ acts as an extension of Cardprotect Voice+, allowing agents to utilise the secure telephone payment solution to provide a seamless customer experience. The addition of Semafone SecureWeb+ allows outsourcing partners to look and operate as an extension of their clients, while protecting agents from exposure to sensitive data and mitigating any risk to the contact centre. In addition, merchants are descoped for PCI DSS compliance, while supporting a diversification of their service offering to their customers via third-party websites. The solution cuts through the complexity of modern service interactions and protects clients and consumers by removing the risks associated with storing sensitive data.

With this solution, the end customer is provided with a truly frictionless experience. As a customer’s payment card details are inserted from Cardprotect Voice+ via dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) masking onto specified website payment pages, sensitive card data entered into the secure web browser cannot be copied, viewed in the browser code, or captured in a screenshot. By shielding payment information from call and screen recordings, Semafone SecureWeb+ protects consumer data from being seen or heard by the agent. The solution also protects the reputation of service providers and third-party merchants.

Semafone SecureWeb+ is ideal for organisations looking for a quick and customisable implementation, designed to initiate and strengthen customer relations. Organisations utilising SecureWeb+ can configure as many third-party websites as they need for successful business operations, as well as virtually every payment service provider (PSP). With the addition of Semafone SecureWeb+, organisations can be confident in their ability to deliver strong security for both their commercial partners and their customer base.

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Semafone Launches SecureWeb+ to Simplify and Secure Payments on Third-Party Websites

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