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When it comes to securing payments across telephone and digital channels, complying with the complex security requirements found in the PCI DSS can present a number of challenges for any organisation—from large-scale global businesses, to small and medium enterprises.

Semafone’s Cardprotect solutions can help ease the burden and open up new revenue streams—quickly and cost-effectively.

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Semafone’s Cardprotect solutions can help by providing:

  • Enterprise-grade compliance & data security solutions
  • The same Semafone platform with all features & functionality – now built specifically for smaller and medium-sized organizations
  • A full service offering, including implementation, maintenance, and world class customer support
  • Turn key deployment options to get you up and running in days
  • Better cost of ownership
  • An improved and frictionless customer journey that delivers superior customer service

Our industry-leading certifications, partnerships with world-class organizations, and flexible and quick deployment options provide best-in-class solutions to meet all of your needs and provide your customers with a unified and secure experience across all engagement channels.

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Securing Telephone-Based Card Payments

Your business depends on taking payments over the phone, but your customers’ sensitive data could be at risk from theft and fraud, both externally and internally. Data breaches are becoming more sophisticated, frequent and expensive, as a result the risk of reputational damage is at an all-time high. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is there to protect both your business and your customers’ data. Yet it can often appear to add more complexity to an already complicated data environment, rather than simplifying the security process.

Cardprotect Voice+ makes it easy for small enterprises and contact centers to handle telephone payments, without compromising on security or customer service. Semafone’s easy-to-implement solution offers a scalable, flexible and cost-effective way to protect against fraud and reputational damage while ensuring compliance with PCI DSS.

Cardprotect Voice+ enables your business to take advantage of enterprise-grade protection, at an affordable price:

  • Fast to deploy and scale – get up and running within days
  • Ideal for organizations with 1-200 agents
  • Immediately deployable with flexible options to suit your requirements:
  • Standard payment page with the largest PSPs pre-integrated
  • Custom payment page design with your own brand and style guidelines
  • Flexible integrations with your existing business applications

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Powering Your Secure Digital Payments

Cardprotect Relay+ enables your business to take payments anywhere and across any digital customer engagement channel, without the need to invest in costly hardware or enter into closed payment ecosystems. Featuring powerful and flexible configuration tools for every channel you choose to transact in, Semafone’s Cardprotect Relay+ platform underpins your digital strategy by cutting through payment complexities; making it easy to engage with customers and seamlessly monitor, track, manage or support all your transactions.

Cardprotect Relay+ enables organizations of any size to initiate remote payments across all digital channels and offers a choice of deployment options.

With Cardprotect Relay+, you’ll have everything you need to instantly create and send secure payment links to customers in any digital engagement channel; providing complete flexibility:

  • No long-term contracts or set up fees
  • Turn it on, and off as your business requires
  • Pay-as-you go usage charging structure

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