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Protecting Sensitive Customer Data

Security professionals typically rely on four methods to mitigate risk: avoid, reduce, transfer or accept. Semafone’s Cardprotect Voice+ actually reduce the risk of a data breach altogether by eliminating cardholder data from the contact centre environment.

Call Centre Agents Securely Taking Customer Data

Cardprotect Voice+ allows your contact centre agents to securely take sensitive authentication data, while remaining in full conversation with the customer. As customers enter data directly into their telephone keypad, our solutions mask the dual tone multi frequency (DTMF) digits so they are not heard by the contact centre agent, or captured on a call recording system.

Semafone’s technology ensures customer data is transmitted directly from the caller’s handset to the appropriate third party, bypassing the agent and their desktop. In this way, Semafone helps you avoid the cost and burden of compliance with regulations like the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) by removing sensitive authentication data completely from your contact centre.

Cardprotect Voice+ can integrate fully with your existing infrastructure, including your voice recording and CRM Systems, and also with your chosen payment service provider (PSP).

An Unparalleled Solution


In June 2012 Semafone secured UK patent #GB2473376A United States patent (#8750471) was awarded in September 2014. The patent covers a number of aspects related to the use of dual tone multi-frequency signalling (DTMF) to capture payment card data from a contact centre customer during a live phone call and transmit it to a payment system.



We regularly submit both our technology and business processes to rigorous audits by Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs) to ensure our solution meets the highest security standards.

Semafone is one of the only service providers to achieve the highest level of PCI certification – PCI DSS Level 1 certified Service Provider status – for our hosted solution. This means that our solutions are in line with the standards required for “Level 1” merchants who handle over 6 million card transactions a year. The PCI SSC validates and lists payment applications, and Semafone has the distinction of being a member of that list.

Additionally, Semafone has achieved the ISO27001 certification and complies with the UK Cyber Essentials framework. Finally, Semafone has also been listed on the Visa Global Registry of Service Providers and Mastercard’s Registry of SDP Compliant Service Providers, giving further confirmation of our high levels of data security. Learn more about our certifications.

Intellectual Property

Your customers need to know that their sensitive information will be safe with you. For online payments, we all look for the familiar symbols, such as a padlock in the address bar to signify a secure session, to feel reassured that our information is in good hands.

For telephone transactions, the Secured by Semafone® Trustmark offers the same levels of confidence. When your customers see it on your website or hear an audio version before they conduct a telephone transaction, they will know that you have a secure payment method they can trust.

Semafone is patented internationally so any authentic provider of DTMF masking solutions for telephone payments will be licensed as a Secured by Semafone provider.

As the first company in the world to deploy DTMF masking to secure the contact centre environment and reduce the scope of PCI DSS for the merchant, Semafone holds granted patents in the UK and the US with similar pending applications in the EU, India and South Africa.


To protect our intellectual property and to support the adoption of DTMF-masking solutions across the industry, the Secured by Semafone® Trustmark is available for use by our clients, our channel partners and the licensees of our patents. Currently, other than Semafone’s contracted channel partners and customers, only the following companies have been granted a license to use the Semafone patents:

  • Aeriandi
  • Eckoh plc
  • Ultra Communications