Covid-19 Notice

Semafone is closely monitoring the global impact of the coronavirus and is taking all precautionary measures to protect our staff and to maintain operations. Read More

There is currently no impact on our business, and we have robust contingency plans in place to ensure the safety of our employees and continuity of our operations for all our customers should the virus spread at an increased rate. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

We have issued country specific guidance on travel to all employees and are monitoring threat levels and reissuing guidance accordingly. Our employees are fully equipped to work from home in all of our geographical locations and we will be keeping home working as the norm until risk levels have significantly declined.



Payments are the lifeblood of your business, and in these unpredictable times, many organisations are moving their contact centre employees and customer support representatives to more flexible and remote ways of working. With this transition comes a host of unique challenges: How do you keep you staff safe and operational while providing them with the ability to process secure and PCI DSS compliant payments?

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Semafone’s Cardprotect solutions can help by:

  • Allowing you to keep your company open and carry out business as usual
  • Getting you up and running in days, with billing by link generated
  • Empowering your remote or home workers to process payments securely
  • Enabling your agents to maintain constant communication with the customer throughout the call in case of any issues
  • Delivering fully PCI DSS compliant payments
  • Simplifying and securing your omnichannel payments and digital interactions

Our industry-leading certifications, partnerships with world-class organisations, and flexible and quick deployment options provide best-in-class solutions to meet all of your needs and provide your customers with a unified and secure experience across all engagement channels.

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Cardprotect Relay+ enables your business to take payments anywhere and across any digital customer engagement channel, without the need to invest in costly hardware or enter into closed payment ecosystems. Featuring powerful and flexible configuration tools for every channel you choose to transact in, Semafone’s Cardprotect Relay+ platform underpins your digital strategy by cutting through payment complexities; making it easy to engage with customers and seamlessly monitor, track, manage or support all your transactions.

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“Semafone’s solution has made a huge difference to us. With many of our employees being homeworkers, we were very concerned about compliance. With Semafone’s solution, RNIB can meet the data security demands of the PCI DSS, while also providing the best possible customer service. It also reinforces to our donors that we take the security of their data seriously.”

Catherine Lloyd – Senior Telemarketing Manager at the RNIB