How Contact Centres Should Be Preparing for the EU General Data Protection Regulation

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most significant development in data protection that Europe has seen over the past twenty years, and it’s now just two years away. The impending change in legislation will have a significant impact on the operations of any firm which collects personally identifiable information and wants to operate in the EU. A failure to comply will carry weighty penalties.

Despite the UK’s decision to leave the EU, businesses will still need to adhere to the same stringent set of laws if they want to trade with other European countries; there is no opportunity here to breathe a sigh of relief and assume that the regulations will no longer matter. In the words of the UK Information Commissioner’s Office, “for many organisations nothing will change. The GDPR will apply even when we leave”.

To do business with the EU, the UK will need data protection standards that are equivalent to the GDPR, and EU rules apply at least until Brexit happens and could remain in place afterwards. So what will the legislation involve, what are the risks, and what can companies do now to lay the groundwork to make sure they are ready?

CXM Magazine – Capita and Semafone on the EU GDPR

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