Hangin’ on the telephone?

If you search the Internet for “customer experience”, you’ll find hundreds of post telling you how to improve the service you offer. Some of these post may be focused on the in-store experience, and many will discuss shopping online, but the chances are that very few will explain how to improve service over the telephone.

Yet almost all of us can easily recall a terrible customer service experience linked to a telephone call. These usually include being passed from agent to agent, having to give the same information several times to different people, or being held in a queue to the accompaniment of seemingly endless hold music. Ken Loach’s latest film, I, Daniel Blake, uses a depiction of a two-hour call on hold as a symbol for soulless, inefficient bureaucracy. It’s not an image that most organisations would aspire to.

There are a few ground rules that form the foundations of providing customers with a really positive telephone experience. They are simple but too often neglected, so here is a quick reminder so that you can make sure that your own organisation hasn’t forgotten what’s important where telephones are concerned…

CEO Tim Critchley Talks Customer Experience in MyCustomer

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