Survey Results

Enquiring Voice

The results of the first Enquiring Voice poll conducted by Semafone, revealed that two thirds of us admit to reading our card details out loud in public places.  The survey was sent out to 7,258 individuals in the UK; of those who responded, 52% stated that they had spoken their details aloud in an open plan office, while 30% said that they had spoken the numbers in the street and 10% in a restaurant. This is in spite of a considerable growth in awareness of the problem of card fraud. 33% said that they had never read their card details out loud.

The risk from telephone payment fraud is twofold:

  • From card details being overheard in the street
  • From the call centre itself

“Telephone payments account for one in eight of the UK’s card transactions, yet it is apparent from these figures that we have a very casual attitude to security when paying by phone. Nobody would dream of saying their PIN out loud in a public place, but over the phone we are ready to read out all the details necessary for someone to appropriate our cards, regardless of who can hear us.  It seems that when we are on the phone we block out external factors to the point where we are unaware of who may be around us.”

Tim Critchley, CEO of Semafone