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Since we started in 2009, Semafone has been growing rapidly, now securing more than 50,000 contact centre agents in 14 different countries across the globe. And as the company itself has grown, so too has our family of employees – we now have more than 75 staff and this is only going to increase! Last week, our teams from the UK, US and Australia came together at FraudSTIR, our first global company meeting, to celebrate our accomplishments, to discuss our mission for Semafone  and – most importantly – to have some fun together.

Thanks to our incredible teamwork in the past seven years, we have seen the company become the market leader in secure voice transactions. We have helped more than 50 customers with their PCI DSS compliance challenges, processing payments worth more than £250M per month, and won a bunch of awards. It’s certainly an exciting time for the business and everyone involved!

Having the two teams together highlighted some interesting comparisons between the security markets. For example, in 2014, the UK made up 60% of data breaches in the whole of Europe and 33% of UK businesses say they do not have a data breach response in place. And in the US, 72% of major organizations that suffered a major data loss shut down within 24 months.

At FraudSTIR, we launched our new company mission – to secure the world’s personal data and protect the reputations of the world’s most valuable brands. It was rewarding to see everyone so personally invested in the company’s expansion, our goal of maintaining our start-up mentality and our passion for data security innovations.

The event also gave our development team the opportunity to showcase some of the latest outputs from their R&D efforts. Moving into next year, it will be exciting to watch these new and innovative applications dramatically enhance what we do for our customers.

The two day meeting was kicked off with a team building exercise, which saw people split up into different teams and build bikes for Cyclists Fighting Cancer, a charity organization that donates bikes to children fighting cancer to improve their physical and mental wellness. This proved to be both challenging and rewarding and our five values ‘Collaborate, Passion, Stretch, Trust and Innovate’ were central to this activity’s success! The Semafone team ensured these core beliefs that help us to deliver excellent customer service and stay at the forefront of securing personal data remained at the heart of the bike building. It was a brilliant way to meet people from different areas of the business while having fun and doing something to help others at the same time. The session culminated in a high-spirited relay race, which brought out the competitive nature of some of the teams and certainly tested the riding skills of everyone involved!

A BIG Thank-You to everyone involved – it was a truly fantastic couple of days!

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US and UK Teams Come Together for First Ever Transatlantic Company Meeting

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