By Andy Roberts, CEO, Sabio

The way organisations engage with their customers has never been more critical, particularly in today’s hyper-competitive world where service provision and the actual experience offered can be the only differentiator. That’s why it’s imperative for organisations to do everything they can to make customer engagement as effortless as possible, and that increasingly means addressing all aspects of the omnichannel customer journey – including securing payments and making compliance progressively less burdensome for customers.

Even though initial multichannel initiatives helped customers engage across multiple channels, these processes often ended up becoming organisationally ‘silo-ed’ – leading to inconsistent context and service levels, and significant levels of customer frustration. And as e-commerce evolves to become an omnichannel requirement with customers needing to transact more often using multiple channels, we’re encountering inevitable concerns about security across the end-to-end customer journey.

At Sabio we’ve been working to help organisations resolve their complex customer service issues since our formation in 1998. We’re the only technology specialist business that’s focused exclusively on customer contact technology challenges, and we now support many of the world’s leading customer service organisations – helping them to radically transform their customer engagement through world-class solutions from technology leaders such as Semafone, Avaya, Verint and Nuance.

Over the last few years we have grown successfully ahead of the market, however it increasingly became apparent over the last few years that there was a real opportunity for Sabio to accelerate its business plans. That’s why we announced in July 2016, that we had secured a significant multi-million-pound investment to help drive our business growth and also to support Sabio’s acquisition strategy.

Clearly accelerating our growth plans is closely tied to successfully developing our business with key technology partners such as Semafone. As card-not-present payments become increasingly integrated into mobile and omnichannel strategies, organisations need to meet their customer data protection and security challenges head on. That’s why at Sabio we’re continuing to invest ahead of the curve, making sure we’ve got all the right Semafone sales, presales and marketing resources in place to help the organisations we work with continue to increase security, make compliance less cumbersome for customers, and address their concerns about potential data breaches.

We know that today’s customers increasingly want to do business with companies that care about managing and keeping their personal data secure – however, they inevitably get frustrated when there doesn’t seem to be a consistent security approach across different channels and interaction points. Organisations that are taking on board the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) – which will continue to be a key requirement through the Brexit negotiation period and beyond – recognise this too.

That’s why we’re convinced that Semafone’s technology will be essential in helping organisations meet their omnichannel EU GDPR obligations cost-effectively, and we look forward to working closely with the Semafone team as we engage our customers on this key issue.

Ensuring Secure Payment Protection for Today’s Omnichannel Customers

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