As businesses and enterprise contact centers increasingly rely on a wide variety of channels for engaging with customers – telephone, m-commerce, web chat, SMS and QR codes, to name a few – email still remains an essential part of both business operations and customer communications. Invented in 1972, email use continues to grow strongly, even today. There were more than 3.8 billion email users around the globe in 2018 and that figure is expected to grow to 4.3 billion by 2022, at which point it’s estimated that more than 333 billion emails will be sent daily.

Email is an incredibly effective channel for communicating with customers and driving business revenue. Research shows that email marketing generates an average of $38 for every $1 businesses spend on it – a 3,800 percent ROI! In fact, in surveys of marketing professionals, 59 percent say email is their biggest source of ROI, and in consumer surveys, more than half of respondents say marketing emails influence their purchase decisions.

Email communications are so effective at driving business revenue and increasing sales because they are convenient, personalized and instantaneous; able to reach customers at just the right moment to convince them to complete the purchase they previously started, renew a policy or membership and conveniently pay their outstanding bill or invoice with a single click. For example, many businesses can reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase sales conversions by sending “complete your purchase” follow-up emails to customers after they have left the company’s website. In this scenario, businesses can enable an easy, one-step purchasing process by including a secure payment hyperlink in the abandoned cart email. With a single click, customers can open a secure web page to enter their payment card information and complete their purchase. Research shows that more than 40 percent of abandoned cart emails are opened and 30 percent lead to a sale. Sending a series of three abandoned cart emails can result in 69 percent more orders.

Businesses that send bill reminders or invoices to customers via email can include a secure payment link directly within the email to enable a convenient “pay now” option, without needing to implement complicated e-commerce platforms on their websites. By encouraging immediate payment of invoices and bills through a single click-through to a secure web page, businesses can receive funds faster and enjoy better cash flow management.

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How Do Email Payment Links Work?

Email payment link solutions provide fast, seamless, and secure payment experiences for customers that can be used not only in emails, but also any other digital channel, such as web chat platforms, social media, SMS, m-commerce and more. Using email payment link solutions for email transactions, customer service representatives, contact center agents, sales representatives, marketing professionals, or any other employee of the organization can quickly and easily generate a one-time-use, secure payment hyperlink that they can provide to the customer through any digital channel. The customer simply clicks on the link and a secure web page is displayed where they can enter their payment card details to complete the transaction.

These email payment link solutions encrypt the sensitive payment card data and other personally identifiable information (PII) and securely route it directly to the payment service provider (PSP) for processing. Because the sensitive data never touches the business’ network or IT infrastructure, this significantly reduces the risk of data breaches and fraud, and dramatically simplifies compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Benefits of Email Payment Link Solutions

Providing seamless and secure payment methods in the customer’s choice of channel is essential for delivering superior customer experience in today’s digital age. Consumers expect fast, convenient, digital services, whenever and wherever they please. With email payment link solutions, businesses can meet consumers in the channel of their choice and enable immediate payment through a familiar and convenient process. There is no need to send the customer to a separate e-commerce platform or have them use a third-party payment app or digital wallet. Finally, robust reporting capabilities provide insights into the performance of campaigns and allow companies to refine their tactics to maximize revenue.

Download Now: Guide to Embracing an Omnichannel Payments Strategy

Secure Your Digital Payments with Semafone’s Cardprotect Relay+

Semafone’s secure email payment link solution, Cardprotect Relay+ makes accepting digital payments a breeze for companies. As a cloud-based solution, Cardprotect Relay+ is highly configurable, scalable and easy to deploy. It is infrastructure-agnostic, integrating easily with third-party applications and PSPs and supporting all transaction types and currencies without the need for expensive hardware or being locked into a closed payments ecosystem.

Moreover, with Cardprotect Relay+ businesses can gain insights into the effectiveness of their email campaigns and track where customers are in the purchase process. That’s because Cardprotect Relay+ provides the merchant business with real-time progress updates as the payment link is opened, when payment information has been collected and when the PSP has successfully processed it. Businesses can use these insights to craft more effective email campaigns by tracking which messages are most successful at getting customers to click on the payment link and complete their purchase or bill payment.

The insights gained through real-time progress updates enable businesses to understand where customers may encounter trouble or be most likely to drop out of the payment process and adjust their methods accordingly to increase conversions. Most importantly, Cardprotect Relay+ enables strong data security and reduces PCI DSS compliance costs – two essential factors for any business that accepts or processes payments today.

With Cardprotect Relay+, businesses can use one convenient and secure, cloud-based solution to enable payment links through email or any other digital channel, providing a seamless and unified omnichannel customer experience no matter the channel or device their customers use. Consumers can rest assured that their sensitive payment data is secure even when transacting in digital channels, and businesses can enjoy increased sales conversions, faster access to funds, and easier PCI DSS compliance.

Email Payment Links Help Contact Centers to Enable Safe Online Email Payment Processing

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