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As cyberattacks and data breaches continue to make headlines on an almost daily basis – like the this week’s Verizon security incident –  it sometimes feels impossible to stay abreast of the latest threats in order to protect your organization. With such a deluge of information and the threats evolving by the hour, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Thankfully, there are several thought leaders in the information security industry who go above and beyond to share their knowledge with the public to help them protect not only themselves, but also their companies. We’ve compiled a list of six thought leaders that you should follow on social media and have provided excerpts from some of their best work. Read on to learn more.

Graham Cluley

Independent Computer Security Expert

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Graham Cluley has been in the computer security industry since the 90s and was inducted into the Infosecurity Europe Hall of Fame in 2011. Cluley works as an independent computer security analyst but is more popularly known as a public speaker. He has made thousands of appearances in the media including NPR, BBC, Fox, CNN and Mashable.

Why You Should Follow Him: Cluley has one of the strongest Twitter presences in cybersecurity, just ask one of his 63,500 followers! The award-winning computer security expert also shares his knowledge of cybercrime on a podcast called “Smashing Security.” Following Cluley means you will never miss another hot computer security story.

Kelly Jackson Higgins

Executive Editor at Dark Reading

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Kelly Jackson Higgins is an award-winning business/technology journalist. Throughout her career, Jackson Higgins reported/edited for a few different publications including Virginia Business Magazine, Network Computing and Secure Enterprise Magazine. Just recently, she was recognized as one of the Top 10 cybersecurity journalists in the U.S.

Why You Should Follow Her: As an executive editor at Dark Reading, one of the most widely known cybersecurity news websites, the expert journalist has notched up around 3,000 news and commentary posts. Follow her Twitter and be sure to read her articles to stay informed on the latest cyberthreats.

Brian Honan

Owner and CEO of BH Consulting

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Brian Honan is an internationally known expert in cybersecurity. He owns and runs his own company, BH Consulting. Honan deals with private companies as well as the government in the U.K. and all throughout Europe. Like Kaspersky, Honan has expertise in both the consumer and the enterprise sectors.

Why You Should Follow Him: Honan, the founder of Ireland’s Computer Emergency Response Team, is recognized as an information security expert. His award-winning consulting firm offers some of the industry’s leading solutions. Join the list of Honan’s already 25,000 Twitter followers to read the latest news in computer security.

Eugene Kaspersky

CEO at Kaspersky Lab

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Eugene Kaspersky has dedicated the last 25 years of his life to computer security. Kaspersky started Kaspersky Lab which offers security solutions for your home, as well as for companies of any size. Kaspersky Lab ensures and protects over 400 million users and 270,000 corporate clients from digital threats. Kaspersky resides in Moscow, and runs his own blog, which you can read here.

Why You Should Follow Him: Kaspersky blogs about the latest trends in cybersecurity and what companies can do to defend themselves against threats. Follow him to stay up to date with the latest in cyberattacks.

Tracy Kitten

Executive Editor for

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Tracy Kitten is an editor who has covered the financial sector of information security for 13 years. Before that, Kitten was a journalist in the newspaper business. Kitten currently works for, a cybersecurity news site. Kitten also keeps her own personal blog. A very credible source, she has been quoted by, MSN Money, and ABC News.

Why You Should Follow Her: The entirety of Kitten’s career has been dedicated to information security. As an editor at, Kitten publishes the latest trends in computer fraud. Follow her Twitter and read her articles for the scoop on digital threat prevention.

Brian Krebs

Investigative Reporter

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Besides a little bit of programming and visiting website bulletin boards as a kid, Brian Krebs didn’t have the slightest background in computer security. Krebs got into the field in 2001 when he was locked out of his home network by a Chinese hacking group. Ever since, Krebs has dedicated his time to cybersecurity. He runs his own daily and is the author of New York Times Bestseller, Spam Nation.

Why You Should Follow Him: Krebs is more than just a credible source – he is a victim of cybercrime himself. Krebs’ knowledge includes first-hand experience, as well as “direct access to some of the smartest and most clueful geeks on the planet.” Undoubtedly, he is a must-follow for the latest on cybercrime.

By following these notable thought leaders, you’ll hopefully feel more informed and better prepared to address your own security challenges – and keep your company’s name out of the news as the victim of a major cyberattack.

6 Thought Leaders in the Information Security Industry to Follow

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