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With a new year comes new security challenges, and 2017 promises to follow the trends of years past. As a company focused on securing data and protecting reputations, Semafone is always looking to better understand merchants’ motivations and concerns around call center data security. No matter your industry, the threats and risks are similar, and will only continue to grow in 2017. Drawing from our ongoing conversations with our customers and knowledge of emerging trends, here’s what we found to be the top five call center data security New Year’s resolutions:

1. Protect Your Customer.  We’re finding that the best call center organizations, particularly those within the insurance, travel, telecommunications, retail, gaming, and utility industries, are taking proactive steps to protect sensitive customer data. This includes information such as payment card numbers, SSN, eCheck/ACH, passport numbers, and driver’s license numbers. Much of this information is (still) spoken out loud to the call center agent and repeated back several times, so it could easily be written down and misused by the agent or anyone else within earshot of the customer. In 2017, more and more organizations are pledging to adopt solutions that “mask” sensitive data to prevent people (agents and bystanders, alike) from hearing or seeing private data, as well as removing the information from call recordings.

2. Protect Your Call Recordings. We need to promise ourselves that in 2017, we will no longer use Redaction or Pause Call Resume. These techniques are inferior and outdated. Instead, let’s adopt better technologies that prevent the recording of sensitive customer data by using “data masking”. This is a safer and superior technology that does not require redaction or pause/call/resume. Plus, no clean-up is necessary.

3. Protect Your Brand and Reputation. You’ve worked hard to establish your brand and spend millions each year on advertising to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Don’t be the next “Target” or “Neiman Marcus” or “Yahoo” that makes the headlines as a “Top Data Breach of 2017.” Instead, proactively implement the best security solutions today to keep your company name out of the news headlines.

4. Continuous Compliance = Continuous Security. When you file your annual PCI Report, Record of Compliance or Self-Assessment Questionnaire, it represents a “snapshot in time.” On a specific day at a specific time, your organization was either totally or partially “PCI Compliant.” But, were you safe? Secure?

This year, organizations should look to compliance solutions that provide three major features:

  • They reduce “scope” or the number of PCI DSS controls that you need to comply with by decreasing the exposure to payment card data,
  • They provide continuous compliance because they are live, active technology solution.
  • They go beyond compliance by providing continuous security. For instance, if your call center agents and customers are required to use these solutions, customer satisfaction increases, and average handling time (AHT) decreases… Everyone is safe and happy!

5. Commit to Growing Your Call Center Revenue Channel More Rapidly. By having a secure platform in place, your business can grow more quickly. You can adapt more easily to market trends and demand. You can add more agents – including home office, remote, or outsourced. Simply plug and go.

In 2017, we are looking forward to helping our customers implement a secure payment platform for their enterprise call centers so they can readily achieve these resolutions. Please contact us for more information and to tell us about your New Year’s call center resolutions.

5 Call Center Data Security New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

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