Five reasons why call centers should abandon Pause and Resume explained in InfoSecurity Magazine

If your call center takes customers’ payment card information over the phone, you may very well be relying on an inadequate and outdated practice: stop/start.

Also known as ‘pause and resume’, stop/start refers to a method by which call centers block payment information (and other sensitive data) from call recordings. It involves exactly what its name implies. When customers read their payment card details out loud, the call recording is stopped, paused or muted, either manually by an agent or automatically using computer telephony integration (CTI). The recording is then restarted, resumed or unmuted once sensitive information capture is complete. On the surface, stop/start seems like a logical tactic for securing sensitive data, but in actuality, it creates additional security and compliance risks that jeopardize your customers’ data and your business’ reputation.

Global Solutions Director Ben Rafferty explains why call centers should abandon Pause and Resume

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